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The merging duplicates page has a couple of quirks that make it less functional for larger data sets.

  1. The merged duplicates show up at the top of the list.  This is fine for the one off duplication merging, but when something like a bad sync creates a large volume of dupes, after merging for a while, the engine appears to stop finding duplicates if the merged duplicates is more than a scroll or two long.
  2. Clearing merged contacts ONLY clears a scroll's (a page or some other number, but not every duplicate that has been merged if the list is too long) worth and doesn't refresh the page.  This causes the "What a beautiful sight!" message to display rather than refreshing the remaining list of dupes or merged duplicates.
  3. I understand the need for triple verifying a merge, however, forcing the user to jump the mouse all over the page is inefficient and time consuming when doing large quantities of merges.  With fantastic keyboard shortcuts already in place, it would be nice to use them here too.
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