Gaps in contact history when deals involve multiple contacts

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone else has been experiencing the following issue?

Whenever I'm dealing with multiple contacts at an organisation, it's not possible to see a complete view of the contact history on the deal screen.

I've tried the following to try to get the e-mails to show up but none of them have worked

1. Merging duplicate deals
2. Adding the extra contacts to the deal as participants
3. Changing the primary point of contact on the deal

A workaround is the click onto the organisation page from the deal screen.

The problem is, a user could very easily look at the contact history on the deal screen and assume that Pipedrive is showing complete information when it's not.  They then make decisions about the deal/client based on an incomplete picture of activity.

Maybe I'm missing something but for me, this feels like a big flaw as it undermines the central premise of the CRM acting as a complete view of the customer when multiple individuals are interacting with them in parallel.

Having the ability to add historic contact data to a deal would really help. If Pipedrive could do this automatically when contacts on a deal are changed or deals are merged, even better.

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    Hello @James Pacey,  thank you so much for your feedback about the email sync feature. 

    Have you seen this article - Email Sync? It explains the logic behind the behavior of this feature and how to work best with it. 

    If you have any more questions about how emails are attached automatically or about the Email Sync feature I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team

    Have a great day and an awesome weekend.