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Mark Haller
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I'm going through a record cleanup exercise just now

It would be great to have a "Merge records" button when in a Filtered list.

So you go into Deals.  You see two deals that should be one.  You tick them down the left, and then (previously greyed out) Merge Records button can be hit - at which point the usual Merge screen appears, but pre-populated with both records

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  • Jan Visser_342
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    This would be nice for contacts and organizations as well. Particularly useful for admin cleanup and if you have more than 2 duplicates. Select all, click merge duplicates and actually see the selected duplicates listed. 

  • Mark Haller
    Mark Haller Posts: 19
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    Just looking again at this - I can see I've got MULTIPLE duplicates sometimes - not just two.  So it would be good to extend the "two duplicates" screen to show as many as were selected (sure, set a limit of 5 or something) and show a horizontal scroll bar in the popup dialog box if required (I've got a huge monitor so don't need that, if you're building this just for me, haha)

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Thanks for sharing @Mark Haller I've passed on this suggestion. For contacts and organizations please check out:

  • Chen_4359
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    +1 on the feature request.

    Also, for broader data cleanup projects you may want to explore Insycle in the Pipedrive Marketplace

    With Insycle you can set up rules to deduplicate in bulk and automatically, standardize names, phone, job titles, and a lot more. Here is a demo video.

    PS - I'm with Insycle.