Improvement: provide access to created SmartDoc source link

Peter Lanoie
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I have been experimenting with the SmartDocs feature with our linked Google Drive inside of deals. Documentation creation from templates has been working great and the template editing experience has been intuitive and easy. 

A main reason for using SmartDocs vs just attaching docs created directly in Google Drive is that the SmartDocs stay at the top of the deal in the documents view tab. Regular attached files and up in the timeline "below the fold" of the deal making them harder to find.

Once I've created a document, the only way I can get to it outside of the deal view is by manually locating it in Google Drive directly. I would like to be able to just grab the regular link to the document for various reasons but I can't find any place in the doc view to do that.

Please note, this is not about creating a share link from a PipeDrive SmartDoc  (which creates the PDF) or to use the native Google Doc "Share" button. This is about getting the original, raw source document link for use in other places without dicing into the haystack of a busy and cluttered Google drive.


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  • Edie Mew
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    Hey, you could try using Zapier to create a Zap which asks SmartDocs to generate the folder/location link within your drive and add the link as a custom field or note within the relevant deal? 

  • Pedro Manuel Gonçalves Franco
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    Hi Peter,

    Makes complete sense. If you have a significant amount of documents, must be hard to find the original.  

    Gonna pass the feedback to the product team.