Can a Contact be unassigned to someone. ie a potential pool for future leads?

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i have an account which is only used for allocating contacts who are classed as raw data and has not been qualified for asigning to an agent. is there anyway of having contacts unassigned as thing is a spare seat which is never used for anything else?



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  • Hi @Gordon - I keep these with the Admin account until an actual owner is determined.

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    Thanks Amit.

    Ill have another look. i used to do that but changed it but will have another rethink on it


  • Joshua Hindman
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    Hey Gordon! You could potentially label them as "Lead Pool" and then use a filter to find them when you want to assign. There has to be an owner and it will default to whoever added the contact but there are ways to show your team that they are up for grabs.

    If they already have a deal attached and you want them to show up in the pipeline,  just create a stage called "Lead Pool" at the front of the pipeline for another easy way to indicate that they are available and ready to assign.

    Hope that helps!