Adding Custom CSS to Web Forms

Jasmine Walters
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I have an embedded pipedrive form setup and working on a wordpress site and noticed any custom styles I try to implement are not getting applied. Is there a way to add custom css to the web forms?



  • Boris Tsibelman
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    There is currently no way to apply your own custom CSS to web forms. 

  • Steve Olechowski
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    +1 on allowing this by allowing us to put a style tag inside the iframe.   

    as an alternative, allow us to style the input fields and labels.   Dark and Light are not good enough.

  • martinemulder
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    +1. We require this functionality to use the webform.

  • Marko Zivanic
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    Same here, we stopped using webforms because of this also check your page speed.

    Webform impacted negatively for us and this was the second reason we stopped using it.

  • Gian Marco - InCodice

    +1 on custom css on forms!

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