Custom Fields in Pipeline Kanban view as well as Sorting functionality.

Chris Doucette
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I Wish we could customize our views in the Kanban view of the pipeline including custom field. I really like what Notion has done with the ability to customize the view. I believe just the fact of having additional field could provide enough information to manage a pipeline more efficiently. Right now, I'm having to go in and out of opportunities to update info. It would be nice to do an update right from the card.  I also wish you could sort the Kanban view pipeline in different ways, same as Notion.  One of the features I would like is a note section on the card that can serve as a quick reminder for something. 

I encourage you to set up a Pipeline in Notion. I know that it does not compare to Pipedrive, but you can quickly see the ease of managing it with customer views.

I would use the note section for next steps without having to create a task. Tasks end up cluttering my calendar don't allow me to focus on high value tasks.



  • Nico Nezhat
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    Agreed 100% here - this feels like such a small and obvious product oversight. 

    We do tremendous segmentation by state market, just want to have that custom field 'State' visible on the opportunity cards within a pipeline. 


    Please and thank you.