I think Email tracking function is not working properly

Martin Pecha_2338
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Hi there,

I have been noticing, that many emails have tracked large amount of opens/views. I was curious why is that and what it is causing. 

I think it also tracks my clicks, when there is for example email in thread. I have noticed this so far:

  1. I send an email with tracking function
  2. Someone replies on that email
  3. I go into inbox and open the reply again after some time, it generates notification in pipedrive.

To sum up, i think the tracking pixel is inserted together with initial email into reply, which might cause this. 

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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Yes, I beleive the tracking pixel sticks on the whole email thread

  • Dave Corlett
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    Recently I've been getting what looks like erroneous clicks on my email links. Eg. if I send an email out at 12:30, both the links are instantly clicked even though the email doesn't appear to have been opened.

    This happens qute often. Is it possible that the person's email client is automatically triggering a link click, perhaps for security reasons?

  • Allenhardy
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    Of course, now it is important to send an email to someone's address and receive a response to the message in time. Or to know that, for example, a business offer did not interest the recipient, and he ignored your email. Therefore, email automation helps you track your emails and respond to important emails on time. It is very convenient considering how many emails we receive every day now. Such systems help important emails not to get lost.