Editing Probability in List View

All of our Pipelines/Deals have deal-specific probabilities enabled, but unfortunately they can't be edited in the list view - you have to open each deal individually to make updates. This is incredibly time-consuming as we try to adjust probabilities over time. Can this feature be added? Is anyone aware of a workaround that doesn't involve going back to stage-based probabilities?

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  • Fabrizio Nicolosi_33821
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    Unfortunately not. The only suggest is to Change probabilIty using automation When something triggered.

    For example you can do a workflow that change probability when a deal is moved from a stage to another.

  • Richard Ham
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    Surely this feature isn't hard to implement? It's quite frustrating to be able to edit the rest of the details but not the probability. We export this data for use in our cashflow forecasting; probabiliites can change regularly.

  • Agreed! We would love to be able to edit Probability in list view - seems to me it shouldn't be harder to implement than updating value and the other fields.

  • +1 on this one, it makes no sense!