Too much data in detail slow down scaling of our business to Pipedrive platform - Table like Notion

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My ambition for the future is really bring all relevant data to Pipedrive platform so I do not have to keep information in various apps and admins. There are app panels and app action, which helps me to do this, which is awesome, however..

We recently tried to move table from notion - it contains data about our customers (=pipedrive organisation) - here is the structure:

  • list of specific datasources and tag of organisation who have them
  • each datasource then have additional info tied to specific info related to organisation (when they pay, did they signed some papers etc)

The trouble is, that when I would migrate this to pipedrive into organisation detail, there would be like 30 fields, for each dataset! Pretty mess right?

Any specific table, which have multiple inputs is hard to migrate on Pipedrive into detail organisation structure. It would be cool to have possibility to either:

  • better structure data in detail view (like ability to have multiple windows)
  • have the ability to work with notion-like data somewhere on pipedrive platform
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    I agree. Being able to navigate to a more detailed view on another page/window would be beneficial.  The ability to add 1000 custom fields is pointless if it is all displayed in a long list on the Organisation index page.

    I'm currently running a trial account but this unfortunately could be the deal breaker for me.  We need to store perhaps 100-150 custom fields and it will look very messy for our users.