Lead custom fields missing from Zapier.

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The connection between Leads Inbox and Zapier was published a few months ago. We have been using Leads for a couple of weeks now and noticed that Zapier cannot bring any data to custom fields when creating a lead. Custom fields work well with Deals, Persons and Organizations but not with Leads. This would be super important for us to be added soon. We have, for example, Lead Source information available that we would like to bring to created lead and then when we convert Lead into Deal, the information would stay there and support our reporting. Currently, it seems that the only way to do this is manually but it is getting heavy and produces errors when managing hundreds of leads monthly. 

Does anyone have a good solution to bring lead source information to leads automatically? 
I was thinking to include that data in a created person because we also create a person with Zapier at the same time but then again, the information is not flowing to Deal and it ruins reporting.



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    Hello Arttu, 

    Thank you for your feedback about our Leads feature. 
    Zapier team developed the integration with Pipedrive, and they are the ones who manage the improvements/upgrades to existing features and fields. 
    At the moment, Leads are available on Zapier but, as you mentioned, not yet the custom fields. 
    I believe the workaround possible would be to add the information as a Lead note and manually copy it to the corresponding field, but this will fall into the manual system you already have.

    Although it is not something we can improve from our side, I will pass the feedback internally to our Marketplace team to be shared with Zapier. 
    My suggestion would also be to share your feedback with Zapier. You can do it here: https://community.zapier.com/
    On the same link, you can also follow the "See what's new" section, where all updates are shared. 

    If you are not yet, I will also invite you to become a follower of our  What’s New and don’t miss any new release announcements.

    Have a great one! 

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    We also need this feature ASAP.

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