Keeping the Dashboard Information Current

Trina Mitchell
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I use my Dashboard all the time, but the shown information is not current. I have to click in the area I want to view, then it shows me up to date information. Such as Deals Duration, Deals Won Over Time.


  • Joshua Hindman
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    Hey Trina!

    This seems like an issue with the data refreshing on the dashboard. Have you reached out to support about this?

  • Vera Rosado
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    Hello Trina, 

    I'm very sorry to hear you are experiencing some delay with your reports. 

    We had maintenance done to Insights during this week and it can be the case that some cache and cookies are in the way. If you are using Google Chrome, please clear cache and cookies following these steps if you are using another browser you can follow the steps in this article: How do I clear my browser's cache and cookies?

    If after these steps you are still getting inaccurate results on your insights reports, please, reach out to our Support and we will further investigate it. 

    Have a great day,