Parse Natural Language To Accelerate Activity Creation

Anish Patel
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I have a suggestion to make the activity creation process more efficient that its current form (i.e., having to "fill out a form/UI fields" individually is time consuming/slow).

When I'm in a meeting with a customer, I'm taking quick, live notes.  For example: "Follow Up on Acme Decision with John Doe at 3:30-4p tomorrow"

My preference would be for Pipedrive to parse the natural language to accelerate activity creation from the search bar and from the yellow notes field.

Here are two flows:

  1. I'd like to be able to use the search bar to type "Follow Up on Acme Decision with John Doe at 3:30-4p tomorrow" and the Activity popup should populate the subject, date/time, people, org fields pre-populated.
  2. Additionally, when I'm taking notes during a customer meeting (in the private, yellow field), I'd love to be able to use a keyboard shortcut to generate the same popup.  so, if I added a [ ] in front of a sentence, the sentence should parse into an activity popup.

    [ ]  Follow Up on Acme Decision with John Doe at 3:30-4p tomorrow

Then, either of the above would generate an activity popup as follows:

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  • Sachin Pabari_29708
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    Hi @Anish Patel , we have launched Touch which syncs with Pipedrive. Within Touch, you can complete almost all activities and deal workflows using natural language and embedded keyboard shortcuts.

    We are releasing activity templates which are almost as you described above. Let me know if you would like to organize a demo/onboarding session.