Automatic saving of activities

Toni Uitti
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Have anyone else lost their nerves, when you have edited the tasks/activity, e.g. made notes in customer meeting and changed window from one to another and the editing window has closed without saving and you have lost all the changes done?

Well I have and quite many times. It is also quite annoying that you can't save the activity without closing the editing window.

So please do fix this and put the auto saving of the activity on top of the backlog.


  • Joshua Hindman
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    I have noticed this recently. The other day I lost 2 pretty important notes but was able to recover one. It seems like this might be a bug. Have you reported it to support?

  • Helio_2884
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    Hello @Toni Uitti , I would like to ask you to reach out to our support team so that we can investigate this with you.

    Here are the options you have when it comes to reaching out to our support team - Contacting Pipedrive support.