Daniel Angeloff
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Hi there,

is there an addon where pipedrive searches for Social Media Profiles of a Person?
For example - if I have a Deal with Mr xyz and Mr xyz has a Linkedin Profile than the Addon shows me that directly in Pipedrive?



  • Markus Funk
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    You can use LINKMATCH oder SNAPADDY to conduct an Update of you PD Contact with data from their LinkedIn and XING profiles.

  • Joshua Hindman
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    Hey Daniel!

    If you're on the Advanced Plan or higher, you can use the smart data search button to find Linked In profiles. As long as the person has an email address that is connected to their LinkedIn, it will work!


  • Daniel Angeloff
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    THANKS :)

  • Harini Ragavendran
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    Hi Daniel, you can check out our free tool : Linkport . 

    You can import LinkedIn details of a person ( their company, email ID, name, etc) directly into your Pipedrive with just one click!