Multiple Activity Reminders every morning

Clint Laskowski
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Hello, everyone. This is my first post. I hope it's not a duplicate of someone else's post!

My issue: Every day, just after 7am, I get my Activity Reminder email message. I used to get just one (1) copy. However, since about May 3, I've been getting three (3) copies. They all are addressed to my one and only email address and they look exactly the same. They all come from "Pipedrive <[email protected]>" and are mailed by ""

Is anyone else experiencing this or know why this might be?



  • Vera Rosado
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    Hello there @Clint Laskowski

    Thank you so much for posting here on our Community! 
    We are updating our Sales assistance feature and we had some reports from our users about duplicate emails happening to Activity Reminders. 

    Please reach out to our support so they can help you resolve this. You can learn here how to do it:
    Contacting Pipedrive support


    Hope you have a great day.  

  • Neil Schneider_39117
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    Same. Annoying