Is it possible to do a step by step filter?

Swetha Sitaraman
Swetha Sitaraman Member Posts: 2
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Hello everyone. I'm a new user to Pipedrive and I'm trying to see if there is a way to use the filter step by step. For example - I first would like to filter by owner, then by Engagement (which is set as a custom field) and then by Service (another custom field). At the moment it looks like I have to enter all three requirements, give it a name and save it. 

We have a number of sales people, 2 types of Engagements, and different services across both Engagements and that leads to numerous permutations and combinations. So creating a custom filter for each of those combinations would be tedious and the filter drop down would look large and cluttered. Is there a way around this? Grateful for any advice. Thank you.