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 OXSIGHT is a company that makes smart glasses for visually impaired people, we use the Pipedrive forms and have included the reCAPTCHA spam protector, which shows a puzzle at the end prior to submitting. This is rather small and difficult for a visually impaired person to see. Can you consider people with visual disabilities when creating forms. I would also include in this feedback the email templates, having the basic option to enlarge the text to help a visually impaired person to read the email. 

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  • Saša Batovanja
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    Thank you for your feedback, @Harriet Strachan.

    reCAPTCHA spam protection is property of Google. We don't have control how their algorithms display the puzzle, when they suspect the user to be a robot. It is always possible to disable reCAPTCHA spam protection on the form, to avoid such cases with your web visitors.

    Regarding your feedback on email templates, we can only send email notifications to Pipedrive users, when form is submitted, if notification option is enabled under Submit options tab > Saving Preferences > Email notifications check-box. We do not send submission notifications to web visitors who submit the form. As for visually impaired users in general, they can alway enlarge their website and email content locally on their browsers for better reading experience.

    Hope this help with clarification on usage of Web Forms :)

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  • Harriet Strachan
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    Hi Saša

    Thank you for your answer. Re the reCAPTCHA, is there a forum for Pipedrive to feed this back to Google? Within the UK there are hundred thousand people who suffer with a visual impairment, they need to provide an alternative option because simply removing spam protection opens the form up to potentially harmful internet trolls/spam. It would be good if Pipedrive could develop an alternative.


    With regards to the emails I meant sending emails from within Pipedrive, there is no basic text or font alternatives which you would find in basic version of word. On other systems that I have worked with this has always been a feature. It is a shame that Pipedrive doesn't have the option to make the text larger to enable those with visual impairments to be able to read the email.  Also there are other CRM systems who have options to make an email look branded, clean and professional. Pipedrive's integrate email function is incredibly  basic. 


    Thank you