The pipedrive support team always answers quickly and effciently. They can't always solve your probl

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    Hello @Romain ,


    Thank you for your kind words, we always aim to do our best and we're glad this is being recognised. You can always count on us!

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    @Romain this is very nice of you, especially on a Friday! Ou Support team does kick 🍑.

    I've taken the liberty to share your feedback internally with the entire company on Slack 😃

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    No inicio eu basiamente vendia o Suporte do Pipedrive ao inves de suas funcionalidades hahaha

    É realmente muito bom poder contar com eles 24x7

    Mudou um pouco o nível de assertividade, mas  PD cresceu muito.

    Eu sempre me divirto conversndo com eles.