Auto reminder for contract renewals/credit card details etc.

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Hi, I'd love it if Pipedrive could build in easy-to-use functionality that provides reminders about contract renewals and the like. 

For example, we've built a field for our sales team which tells us when a client's credit card details will expire. It would be great to have an auto-reminder that goes to the sales rep 1-month or 2-months out so that the new credit card details can be obtained.

 It's extremely frustrating when we don't realize a credit card is expired - it causes paperwork, wastes our time chasing the client after the fact, and we don't get the cash straight away if the client is away on holiday or for whatever reason. 


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    Hey, you could create a filter that determines when each card will expire. This would mean you may need to review how to set up the filters, but an example could be: if the credit card expires in the month of June 2021, then an automation can be built which states if this deal/person matches this filter, activity set to chase new card details?