Workflow Duplication (into a new instance of PD)!!

Hello, I use Pipedrive for my team and me to manage real estate transactions. It's been great! So great that a large number of people in my office (and now my brokerage - Windermere) would love to buy an instance of Pipedrive, but want me to recreate the workflows/ and tasks that I created in my instance into theirs. Which is a super tedious and manual process.  I'm strongly considering joining the PD partner program. My only hold-up is the time it's going to take me to recreate all of the workflows. It would be AMAZING if there was a way to copy all of the workflows and tasks that I created in my instance of PD into a new instance of Pipedrive.  What do you say?!?!

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    Hi Nic, 

    Exactly the same happened to me. Had to do it manually to my 2nd instance. It would be great if an export option would be available.