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I have been using the workflow automation feature for a while now, and would like to comment on a few things.

While the new worfkflow automation might seem great at first sight, it is missing quite a few features to be fully interesting.

  1. The ability to branch conditions. You cannot imagine the hassle it is to try and setup some automation when you simply CANNOT do a simple IF/ELSE condition.
  2. The ability to create/update notes via an automation. A note can be interesting when working as a team on a deal, or simply just to debug the feature (as no other means of debugging is provided)
  3. The ability to trigger webhooks via an automation. Please, that should become a priority.
  4. The ability to trigger on other events, such as dates and email.
  5. The lack of possible actions. I mean, if I trigger on an activity, which is linked to a deal, I simply cannot access the deal's data in a simple step. And I do not know at all how to do it without "experimental" and "tricky" ways to get around, such as a step to update a deal with no modification at all, allowing me to then access the desired data later on down the automation (I don't know if I'm beeing clear here ...).

This is why, today, I am seriously thinking of letting go of Pipedrive's intergated automations and turning to a service as Pipedream (via webhooks) to hopefully have a fully customizable automation service. I know the job to be done will be huge, but IMO will be benefic.

This is not documented by priority order, but just as it came on the go. Feel free to add you feedback and suggestions as well.

@Nuno Oliveira, as I beta tested the V2, and already suggested improvements, can you give the community a bit of a roadmap on some of the points above?

Thanks all for reading!

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  • Nuno Oliveira
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    Hi @Jean-Patrick HERBUTE ! Thank you so much for your feedback, this is really important for us to help us shape the future of Automations in Pipedrive.

    All of the needs/features you've listed are in definitely in our plans to make PD's Automation a more comprehensive platform that covers process automation needs. 

    We do not have concrete dates, but I can share that the prio right now is to add Wait steps so that it will be possible to create follow up workflows (e.g. check if deal is in stage X after 3 days) and email sequences. Next on the pipeline will be (sorted by prio): 2, 4, 1, 3, 5. 

    I truly understand your motivation and are investing to make PD's Automation even more useful.