Manage page/sidebar layouts for users

It would be great for admins to be able to set what fields and sections are displayed for users. 

For example, there are some sections that we don't make use of and fields that aren't relevant to each job role - and it's unscalable for admins to ask reps 1-by-1 to customise it in a specific way

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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Maybe make a  video showing the users how to do it?

    Theres no way for the admin to control it for the whole org [at the moment] 

  • Michael Newton_30936
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    Hi Boris - yes I'm aware this isn't available right not but would be a good thing for the roadmap.

    Videos for users isn't a great option, because things change to frequently at a small company that you'd find yourself remaking the video all the time when you add new fields.

    Also I don't even think there's an option for some fields to be hidden for users even if they do it themselves