Full import and export of products / all fiels also custom fields

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Smartdocs with products is a smart solution, but without fully export and import functionality of products it is frustrating to work with. Any plans to make it better?

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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    What are you trying to do/achieve? 

  • Karen Vieira
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    I could use this too. In my case, what I am trying to achieve is a documentation of all our custom fields, options, etc. - for a bunch of reasons, including team training and reference. It is helpful to have the fields centralized with an explanation of what they are.

    Having this documentation also makes it easier to do some things on on an ongoing basis - for example: some of our custom fields have several options, and they exist in more than one object - so when a change is made to one object, it has to be replicated to the others. It would be great to be able to update once, export (or copy) any new options/changes, and then make the change to the other objects - while also updating the documentation.

    This could also definitely be helpful with products - since lists can grow or need to be modified.

    @Mike van der Valk does this seem worthy to pass on to the PD team.