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Ged Leigh
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I have a 32k database in Pipedrive where we know the data quality is poor.  I am using an external company to cleanse the data which wil be delivered as an Excel sheet.  

Question: How do I overlay the clean data onto Pipedrive without losing existing contacts that are already linked to Leads and Deals?


  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Ged Leigh , importing new data to your account does not make your existing data disappear. You can even prevent creating duplicates with your import, just have a look via the link.

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  • @Manuel Oliveira what if the name of the person or company is not an exact match? Like "ABC company" vs "ABC company inc." or "John Murray" vs. "John Murrray"?

  • Amit Sarda (
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    @Jessica Cromwell - You can use Dedupely which is a lot smarter that way.

  • Sven Amann_76110
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    @Jessica Cromwell unfortunately, Pipedrive duplicate detection is quite primitive. It does not detect similar writing of any kind. It only ever considers exact matches.

    And the "duplication rule" is fixed, i.e., you cannot try alternative approaches, e.g., by name, by email, ..., without the engineers changing the rule for you account, which then applies to anything you do. Not just the duplication search.

    If you want to reliably export -> clean up -> import, I would recommend you export the "ID" fields and import them to the respective "Pipedrive System ID" fields. This will ensure entries are updated, even if the names etc. change.

    @Amit Sarda - Pipedrive Consultant - it is really annoying that you guys keep recommending us to use an extra paid service to compensate for broken features in Pipedrive (that we already pay for) :(