To be able to pin files

It would be great if we could pin files. Currently this is only possible with notes. As a result, the files of clients (contracts, Ids etc) are getting "sunk in the thread by emails, notes and tasks and it is a nightmare to find them. 

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    @Lisa Da Correggio  Hi there, Almonzer is here from the Pipedrive Product Team! 

    We are actually working on a new update to our Detail View page, where users will be able to:

    1. Search the history of interactions they had with the customers (this includes files added)
    2. Being able to pin more than notes. Like emails or files...

    This update though might take time and we are looking at end of the year to have it arrived in users. 

    Let me know if you have further feedback or comments to share with us! 

  • @Lisa Da Correggio - Until that happens, you can use the tabs in the details view to only show specific deal details.