Merging two spreadsheets within Pipedrive

Claus Goritschnig
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How to combine an existing database in Pipedrive with new information associated with a lead, through a new spreadsheet.


Hi to all Pipedrivers,


I am quite new to the Pipedrive systems and subsequentially have a few questions on the functionality of data and merging/ linking data within Pipedrive of existing leads. 

I have in Pipedrive already existing lead bases who have associated contacts. How can I add new information to my leads viao a data upload? Are those data sets checked with pre-existing ones to avoid duplicates? Can this information be linked within Pipedrive? It would be tedious work to manually add a data set of 10 new columns of 1000+ leads. 


What would a workaround be for this issue?


Thanks for all the Input and time spent answering my questions to whom ever.


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    1. Export your current contacts/deals.
    2. Link your exported Pipedrive contacts/deals with the records in the spreadsheet (find a common key).
    3. Upload the linked database with the required columns using the Pipedrive System ID.
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    Hi @Claus Goritschnig

    You can read this article which basically explains the concept of updating data via spreadsheets:

    Like Amit was saying you will need to export the items you want to update with the Pipedrive system ID as well. That is what you will use when you import at the end to make sure you are updating the right information. 

    Then, you will need to do some work on your spreadsheet to make sure you can match the items exported from Pipedrive with the information you have in your spreadsheet. A good way to do that is using a VLOOKUP function in Excel:

    Finally, when you have the data organized, you can import the spreadsheet. 

    If you can't make it work, you can also contact our support and we'll try to help you further. 

    I hope this helps!