Merging two spreadsheets within Pipedrive

Claus Goritschnig
edited July 2022 in Sales CRM #1

How to combine an existing database in Pipedrive with new information associated with a lead, through a new spreadsheet.


Hi to all Pipedrivers,


I am quite new to the Pipedrive systems and subsequentially have a few questions on the functionality of data and merging/ linking data within Pipedrive of existing leads. 

I have in Pipedrive already existing lead bases who have associated contacts. How can I add new information to my leads viao a data upload? Are those data sets checked with pre-existing ones to avoid duplicates? Can this information be linked within Pipedrive? It would be tedious work to manually add a data set of 10 new columns of 1000+ leads. 


What would a workaround be for this issue?


Thanks for all the Input and time spent answering my questions to whom ever.


Best regards