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My sales reps should have possibility to create a task and assign it to other user, but I don't want them to see others users calendar; but if I deactivate visibility of other users they won't be able to assign tasks to other users.

Sales rep are not suppose to see each others tasks. But from time to time they need to assign a task to other person, because they are unable to do something and they need help - in some technical matters for instance. Person who is assigned to this task preppers required data and attaches it in PD. So sales rep can use it in his further work.

I, as a manager, share my calendar on PD. I have there tasks, meetings and I don't want regular employees to see those strategic tasks I have. 


What do you think?


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    Hello @Michał!

    I understand that you want to have certain Regular users set up and assign activities to other users. The activity's visibility is linked to the Deal/Person/Organization that the activity is linked to. So if Regular user is restricted from linked items, they are not able to see other user's Calendar appointments either. In this case, they still should be seeing other users (so they could select the user to assign activity). However, if the activity is not linked to any (restricted) items, then yes, they are visible. If you have a very specific use case, feel free to reach out to our support via chat or also to check further options.

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    In short words: Regular users do not see calendar of other users, but can assign activities to other users (in leads and opportunities). Simple as that.