Setting up a pipe for Account Management

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Hey All!

I work in sales and account management for a small marketing agency in Kansas City. I love Pipedrive as a sales CRM, but does anyone have any tips for setting up a pipe to manage current clients? I've set up a pipeline, but it doesn't quite flow how I would like. Any tips, tricks, or extensions would be appreciated. 


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  • Aaron Douglass Bailey
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    Feel free to post a screenshot of the pipeline (filter out sensitive data!) and I'll see if anything sticks out. 

    One option: Have a look at the contacts timeline. It can help to keep in touch with segments of contacts - use the filters to choose clients with a previously won deal. for a video and more info!

  • Brad Krause_13404
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    Well, Pipedrive is mostly about moving revenue opportunities from an opportunity to resolved stage. We use the same pipeline to manage our existing clients as we do new business for sales opportunities. 


    We have a second pipeline called service we use to track and communicate service issues to production which has very different stages than the sale pipeline. 

    Service (issues): Received, reviewed, scheduled, complete. 

    Sales: Opportunity, proposal, review, presented.

    Not sure I really understand what you are looking to use pipedrive for with existing clients.