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Paul Minors
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The lead inbox is still missing a few crucial features that make it hard for people to use:

  1. You can't create custom filters. You can only filter by label (which can't be edited), sources (which can't be edited) or the default filters.
  2. You can't export information from the Lead Inbox or export options page.

I know the Lead Inbox is still technically in beta, but it's been around for about a year now and still lacks the basics.

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  • Benjamin Stanley
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    Spot on comments @Paul Minors . Custom Filters are really needed in the Leads Inbox, we end up having to search and filter in the general Contacts list when it feels as though we should be able to do this in the Leads Inbox.  

    We're running a couple of campaigns and have some data in custom fields which would be good to show here as well so being able to customize the columns would be useful.  For example, Lead Score to help do a quick sort for the Sales rep to prioritize

  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Agreed 100%!

    Much easier to just use a separate pipeline/stages on the deal object. 

  • Gary Seem
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    Totally agree.  The Lead Inbox is a bit disappointing.  It should at least as robust as the regular pipeline since this is where a lot of new business and opportunities should be cultivated, but this section is lacking in detail and functionality.  How about the ability at attach files?  Enhance the filters and editing?  Etc.