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Reinhard Puntigam
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Hi everyone, 

I am curious to learn what experienced PD users would recommend for collaborative data entry, review and signature processes specific to most service-type processes. The solution I am looking should address the following processes: 

  1. Sales rep creates a modified document (say: an offer/a query/a contract) from a default template.
  2. Sales rep asks prospect/client to add further data on the document, makes choices or other additions, ideally limited to form-type areas.
  3. Sales rep can review this process and make further changes on the doc (e.g. while talking to the client over the phone)
  4. Sales rep initiates a signing process involving client and perhaps some other people. 
  5. Signatures produce an audit trail similar the PD's "Smart Doc" Feature
  6. Document and audit trail are accessible in PD (associated with deal and contact)

I'd grateful for any suggestions or experience with similar situations. 



  • Reinhard Puntigam
    Reinhard Puntigam Posts: 20
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    Hi everyone, 
    I did some more research and I believe that a Pandadoc integration pretty much answers to all the above requirements. Still interested in other solutions or experience.