Improve the files download

Users can upload their files, all at once, on Pipedrive (that's great!), but then we cannot download all the files attached to a given deal at once...

Pipedrive is also a mean to communicate inside a team. One user can attached pictures, contrat, etc. as other users needs to download the files to their HD, Google Drive,... Downloading files one by one is very very time consuming.

(the Google Drive proposed by Pipedrive sets other problems like confidentiality inside the team... so I cannot  be used for us it to solve this issue).

There is another thing to improve:


It is very dangerous to put "Delete" just below "Download", because if you ever make a mistake, you delete the file... Especially since Pipedrive doesn't ask for a confirmation of the deletion, which is also very dangerous...

Thank you in advance for these improvements.

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