Livechat falls short.

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Using pipedrive live chat for almost a year. A this point we are probably going to move back to our previous chat system or other online chat system out there.

The biggest issue is that no one gets the notifications. Even me as the admin if i honestly didn't have an iWatch, or wearing it even i missed the people trying to connect.

No ability to close the chat for after hours. Like come on why the heck can someone try to connect to a chat at 2am. That just makes no sense and there is not way to schedule when people are available.



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    Hi @Johnny!
    Thank you for the feedback! With the issue of the notifications, I hope you can reach out to our Support team to further check. However, I will forward the feedback of setting online/offline hours to the team. At the moment indeed every user just needs to set themselves online/offline. 

  • Johnny_1891
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    Even if you guys introduced a schedule for the chat. The largest issue is that ALL users have complain they miss people who try to use the live chat with us. Again the notification is absolutely terrible.