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P Steenga
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I hate that when you are following a deal you have to manually follow the contact too instead of being done automatically

Can you guys give us the option to automate this

You can do this by creating a box be side stop following that gives you the option to follow the contact as well. You can add permissions so that the managers decide if they want that regulars user use this feature or not

Ths does not have to do with anything that I wrote above, but I do not understand why there is not an option to call from the leads page. I need that my sales team call the lead before converting them into deals. I have like 50,000 possible leads that I cannot just put in the sales pipeline without calling them.

I dont know if this is possible because I am new to pipedrive, but you should add the option that when we win a deal, the deal moves to a new pipeline and its even possible to change the ownership automatically. For example in my business when we make a sale a different team takes care of the customer follow up (I am not a native english speaker), but I still want to know what team member made the sale. Even if it there no a change in ownership I want that there is a win when there is sale, but also a when the follow up is done correctly

Instead of creating big niche features that i do not how many people really use, you should focus in improving the user experience of your CRM because there still a lot improvement needed

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