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Stan Kurtz
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We have products that we buy and sell, some for stock some for client backorders.  I am wanting to see how people handle purchase orders and inventory using PD.  There is a products function, I just don't see the easiest way to place orders, bring them to inventory and or ship out from backlog... I'm curious what people do who have inventory.



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    From my view Pipedrive is all about the sales pipeline management. Not so much about fulfillment and accounting. I'd guess most people have an entirely separate software as part of their technology stack to handle that. That is our situation. 

  • Hi @Stan Kurtz I see it exactly the same way. If you do resell, you need first to buy goods before you can sell them. I am looking to find the feature request for that and vote and advocate that.

    @Brad Krause_13404 I was also thinking about adding Xero for purchase orders. But somehow it makes little sense to buy for two applications, whereas purchasing goods is part of the sales process. :)

  • Hi @Stan Kurtz

    Great query & request!

    Pipedrive is a sales enablement CRM tool, its there to help people have better deal & client management. The Products feature allows for Products to be recorded & reported on, as well as adding value to a Deal.

    Some clients who I have worked with use other software which can integrate with Pipedrive via a 3rd party no code option, monday.com is good for inventory management.

    Hope this helps!


  • I ended up with Xero. Its not a bad solution to add Xero to the software deck, as in the end, everything needs to be registered in the accounting. ;)

  • I use a third party automation to sync my products with xero.

    So when I add a new one or edit it an existing xero stays updated with my changes. Then I invoice using the pipedrive invoice feature.

  • @Josh Buesking is it possible to sync contacts and products with Xero? PD-Xero and Xero-PD.

  • Yes the invoice functionality will do that for you but you can also use something like zapier.

    I have my automation set so it waits until I move my deal to the "awarded" stage as the trigger and then brings all the contact info over to Xero. I don't need my prospects data in xero.

  • Anything that's available in the Xero API and Pipedrive API can be synced. Contacts is available in both.

  • @Josh Buesking thanks for the hint. I have found pipedream.com but now I am stuck on the Tenant ID for Xero. How can I resolve that?

  • You have to get that from the xero developer portal. You create an app and it provides that If I remember correctly.

    I've never used pipedream and I don't think zapier or integromat require you to provide your own tennant.