Email message sent via certain template as an activity trigger.

This would allow creating a new activity on sending a prospecting mail for follow up seamlessly, or transferring deal ownership after a handoff email is sent. 

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    Hi @Sreyas Dasika  thanks for sharing.
    As you may or may not know, Pipedrive recently acquired Mailigen. An email marketing automation tool. I'm not sure if Mailigen can do this already out of the box or this is planned for the integration with the rest of Pipedrive, but I'll pass it along. Feel free to take Mailigen on a test spin.

    There is currently a BETA version of a two-way sync between Mailigen and Pipedrive, which you'd be welcome to test out. You can do this in Mailigen's 30-day free trial, which you're welcome to sign up for HERE.

    Currently there's a basic integration between Mailigen and Pipedrive but the coming months we'll be working hard on making it tie in as one product better and better. I'll pass on your suggestions as well.