Products prices need to support more decimals

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Hi Pipedrive,

I post here because the current pricing model of the products makes us publish erroneous documents and we need an evolution of the way Products price are handled.

Let me explain:

  • The unit of work of our products are €/minute
  • The price per minute is usually quite low, like 0,2865€/minute
  • There are a lot of  minutes per year, 525600 minutes to be precise :)
  • The price field of pipedrive round the number to the nearest cent, which for the example price would make 0,29€/minute
  • The rounding error propagate 525600 times, which makes a 1839,6€ error on the quotation

It's perfectly correct to round prices to the nearest cent, but it would be better if it would be done on attached products only, with the rounding done line per line on the “Amount” column.

For that to work, pipedrive products prices will need to support more decimals (8 would be ideal for us).

What do you think ?


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  • Thomas WICKHAM
    Thomas WICKHAM Posts: 4
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    Hi pipedrive,

    I am correct to assume that this have been implemented for product prices and product prices variations ?

    It seems to work up until the 14th decimal. Hourra ! 🎉



    And in Pipedrive:



    Bless you all ! Thank you ! 🙌