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Sam Willson
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I have been using the chatbot tool on our website. It is great, however I do have three features that I think would help tremendously:

1. A button or link to restart the conversation for the web user at any point. There can be problems if the end user decides they don't want to go down this path and are stuck. The only way to reset the bot is the follow through the whole chain OR close the website (bad for lead conversion)

2. Edit the time the bot takes to type and respond. There is the option at the opening greeting but not during the normal response to questions.

3. To be able to point to "forks" earlier in the playbook and not have to recreate the entire chain again. When creating the chatbot chain of questions it creates forks. Sometimes you want to return back to that question so they can choose a different option. To create that effect now, you have to recreate an entire chain of actions instead of just being able to point back to an early question or fork.

Do you know if any of these things are on the roadmap?

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