Feature request: Change the 'rotting days' setting of the pipeline to count ONLY WORKING DAYS (not n

Efir Media
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At the moment, the pipeline counts weekends. Meaning if a deal is made on Mon 1st and doesn't move for 7 normal days, it will rot on Sunday 7th. However, it would make more sense for our business if it begins to rot on Tues 9th (7 working days vs 7 normal days).

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  • Brad Krause_13404
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     Can it just be set to 9 days to solve that?

  • Joost de Groot
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    We have the same with a rotting period of 3 days.
    Tehn working days would be much easier. Is this possible?

  • MBrown
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    I would ask the same request, though it looks like not a lot happens in here being that the OP was back in July 2021 and no response. Oh and @Brad Krause why should we have to do workarounds to fix an issue that should be already built into the software? That is one of the reasons we left Hubspot (too many workarounds and 3rd party apps to make it work the way we wanted)

  • Pipedrive User 164
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    Cant say I can even recall my thinking on this its so long ago. Was just trying to help someone find a short term workaround is my guess.