PipeDrive Deal Participants - Workflow Automation & Webform inclusion

Jeff Farrick
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I would like to suggest adding the following features to Webforms.

  1. The ability to create multiple people /deals/ organizations with a single webform
  2. The ability to select one person as a deal contact
  3. The ability to select other people created as deal participants

We use webforms to capture lead information from our channel partners. We do this so they can protect their leads from other resellers and so we can keep track of what's being worked on by who. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to meaningfully link the reseller contact with the lead they are registering using automation.

It looks like we must add custom fields to the one deal that is created to create something that looks like this:

  • Reseller Registered Lead Person / Organization / Deal Created (this is who they are hoping to sell to)
  • Registered Lead Deal Custom Fields (this is so we know which reseller has registered the lead)
    • Reseller Representative Name
    • Reseller Representative Email
    • Reseller Representative Office Location
    • Reseller Representative Phone


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