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Hi! First post here!

I want to suggest that the title of a person should show in lists under, for instance, an organisation contact "card". Also if there are multiple people for a deal/project. 

If you have technical question, you don't want to bother the CEO. Or you might want to talk to the person responsible for a bought product, not the secretary, nor the CFO.

As it is now, you need to click on the person to see his/her title. If you picked the wrong one, you have to go back and click the next one.

There is plenty of space next to each person listed under a company, so it could fit here. Or it could be added to the window that appears when you hover over the person. That would be fine too (except that it's one more step). 

I have checked with Pipedrive Support just now, and it is indeed a missing feature, not just me not knowing how to handle the GUI... :-)

Right now, it's not much of an issue, as I'm populating my new database with people and companies (my company has only "gone live" for a few weeks! Most of my company contacts have only one contact person, and those that have more, I can handle and/or remember. But give it a year or two...

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    Thank you for your feedback! It has been submitted internally!

    Here’s how to get notified about what’s coming down the line: