Please install a voice to text feature so input is enhanced beyond keyboard

Will the designers consider adding voice-to-text feature throughout input locations in PD?


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  • Thomas Møller Jensen
    edited May 2022 #2

    My advice would be to use a general voice to text program on your computer. You can then use it in both Pipedrive and all other programs. Pipedrive is en reality just another website you visit. Also, with Voice to Text programs there is a lot of configurations to individual voice and needs and training the recognition engine. You do not want to do that for individual programs like Pipedrive, but rather for everything on your computer. Kind of the same thing for spell check, where Microsoft now provides Microsoft Editor: Spelling & Grammar Checker - Microsoft Edge Addons that woks in both the browser (Chrome extension) and with Outlook/Word, etc.  

    That said, it would be nice if you make voice recordings on your phone creating an activity on a deal, it would be nice if Pipedrive could make a transcript of that.