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Is it possible to integrate Notion Workspace to Pipedrive? Has someone gone through this process? Is it necessary to download clientes details to a spreadsheet or is there a way to make this process easily threw the API


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    Hi there @Mencia , Michaela from Integromat here :) 

    I did a quick search and there does not seem to be an option to do this natively. You could, however, invite a third-party service to come out and play. 

    You could, for example, totally integrate Pipedrive and Notion with Integromat. It's a no-code automation/integration platform that lets you connect your Pipedrive account to pretty much any other online service and automate all kinds of tasks and processes. 

    To see what the options are for your case, you can check out the integration pages of both Pipedrive and Notion. On the pages, you can find the currently available features (i.e. triggers, actions, and pre-made templates) of the integrations.

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