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Ellias Appel
Ellias Appel Posts: 15

At the moment, the email templates are only accessible via the email composer. If we want to edit, or change any of the existing templates (as opposed to creating one) we are forced to compose and email, and access the templates menu, then opt to manage them.


This highlights the very basic approach that has been taken to the email system in Pipedrive. The templates are very powerful, especially when linked with automatons, and deserve their own dedicated access point outside of the composer.


Additionally there needs to be a more robust fields section which allows a greater depth of access to fields, including dates, etc.


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  • Jonathan Gennick
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    It would be nice not to have to compose an email in order to create a template. Same with email signatures. 

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Thanks for sharing @Ellias Appel and @Jonathan Gennick I've passed it on to our email team!

  • Ed Gornall
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    How do you add "custom fields" to an email template?

  • Ellias Appel
    Ellias Appel Posts: 15
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    How do you add "custom fields" to an email template?

    That side of things is... very basic at the moment.


    If I had to guess, there's an intent to make it more robust.

  • Robert Williams
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    having access to all of the system fields and custom fields for deals, contacts, organization would be great. My team has the practice of customizing outbound prospecting emails to the contact. At present I can't even select the contact's "job title" which seems like a huge oversight to me. I also second Ellias' recommendation that Email templates should be accessible from the menu/settings section.