Feature Request: Automated Sales Document Creation

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I understand that it's a longshot, but I would like to request the following feature. This would personally save me several hours per month, and I am almost certain that others would also benefit.

Feature: Automated Sales Document Creation

Customers are often engaged in activities that have an educational purpose. As such it is often appropriate to provide a completion certificate, e.g. - healthcare (CPD Certificate).

The Sales Doc addition to Pipedrive has already saved me a huge amount of time. I can now generate certificates from a Google Docs template that includes all of the relevant customer data. I previously manually entered each individuals name on a templated PDF. 

I believe the creation of these certificates can be even more efficient if the document creation could be triggered in Workflow Automation.

My specific Workflow Automation would look like this:

Deal Created -> Deal Stage moved to Stage B -> sales document generated from chosen Google Docs template -> ?? manual email with embedded sales doc link

I would then send a templated email with an embedded link - unless you have a better idea :)



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