Trigger an Automation When a Document Is Signed

Mike Eads
Mike Eads Posts: 1

We would love to be able to trigger a workflow automation with a signed Smart Doc.

Signed document (trigger) ➡ workflow steps

Examples of tasks we'd queue up for the team once we have a signed contract:

  • Notify rest of team
  • Notify accounting for invoice creation
  • Setup onboarding call
  • etc
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  • Nancy Vamvakas
    Nancy Vamvakas Posts: 45
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    I can't see a way to do it with PD automations atm. 

    We use Pandadoc to send out 'Authority to Leave' forms for our customer deliveries.   When the customer signs the documents and returns with any special instructions, we populate custom fields on the deal object in PD.  

    I can't see a way to trigger PD's automation on a discrete field(s) content but it can be done using zapier.  .. I would checkout zapier if you haven't already.  .. much more powerful.  .. at least until PD's triggers evolve and become more mature. 

  • David Zisner_4795
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    Very important and needed! Without seeing that this topic already exists, I opened an additional feature request for this >>

  • Richard Duddy
    Richard Duddy Posts: 5
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    Just adding another voice to this call. Lack of triggers/workflow on document signing is a massive miss. 

  • Mathias Brask
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    We are missing this too...