Required fields not working using the App

Daiana Pirastu
Daiana Pirastu Member Posts: 1

The fields that are setup as REQUIRED, are not working using Pipedrive app. It doesn't make any sense to have required fields if than this functionality is not working

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  • Martin DANET
    Martin DANET Member Posts: 2
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    Same question here, i added some REQUIRED fields and it works perfectly on desktop version but not on the mobile app (i use iOs app).

    Can you provide an answer please ?

  • Hafsteinn Björn Gunnarsson
    Hafsteinn Björn Gunnarsson Member Posts: 4
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    Same problem for me and my sales team. The required fields feature, which is an important one at least for my team, is quite useless if it doesn't get triggered on the mobile app.

  • Alexandre_74773
    Alexandre_74773 Member Posts: 6
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    Same here, most of my employees are using Pipedrive on their smartphones. If the required fields are not applied on the phone app, it becomes useless. Hope the Pipedrive team will fix this issue quickly.