Pipedrive NEEDS activity status for ongoing for longer tasks being implemented.

When implementing longer tasks the system cant recognises the task as ongoing and just marks it as overdue. This isn't practical when I have long tasks which are ongoing.  Would be great to have an ONGOING section for the activities with an above status symbol on the pipeline page. 

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  • Edie Mew
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    Hi @Daniel Bartlett  Have you considered using some Automation to work around these? 

    Questions to consider if using Automation: 

    Is it always the same activity type/subject which overruns and takes longer to complete? 

    Is it always the same user who has activities that overrun and take longer to complete? 

    Or if not using Automation, the bulk edit feature on Activities could help eliminate seeing overdue activities. This can be achieved by selecting all activities relevant and then bulk update their due date

    I hope this helps.