Multiple issues with Pipedrive

We've used Pipedrive for some time now. I wanted to write a compilation of the biggest issues we have with Pipedrive. Hopefully someone can provide workarounds or someone from Pipedrive will notice and push this into development (sooner than in a few years :) ).

Deal cards fields adjustments - it's not possible to edit fields that are displayed on deal cards in the pipeline view. It's just not enough to see the deal name, person name and value. Also, the next activity could be shown without clicking on the icon.

Multiple labels for deals - we tried to use labels as a workaround for the previous issue, but it seems like only one label can be assigned to a deal. And also, the other issue is only the label color is displayed on the card.

Emojis in deal fields - so another idea, we'll use emojis in the deal title to bring some more information. Argh, no, all emojis are converted to "?".

Workflows that make sense - you can do some useful things with built-in workflows, but you can't do some obvious things like "when a person changed, update deals assigned to it". There is just an option for selecting any existing particular deal, but no option for "all assigned deals". I cannot see how the first option can be useful. But this is not the only example of what is not possible and should be.

Connecting more calendars - as some of us use more calendars (two companies + a personal one), the Pipedrive Propose times feature is useless for us as it cannot properly show availabilities.

Timeline view for all activities - there is the Timeline view for Organizations and Persons, but not for deals. There is the Activities tab, but it has just the table and calendar views. It'll be nice to see the timeline of all activities in one place.

OK, I would find other issues, but these are the biggest ones.

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    Hello @Ladislav Šalom  , thank you for your feedback! By using the topic Feedback & Suggestions , your request is automatically forwarded internally to our developers as a note for consideration 📝

    In the meantime I recommend:

    • Following What's Planned to learn about what we're currently working on 🔎
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    🛠Feel free to join  Research and Beta Testing  for the chance to try out early versions and give us your opinion about new and improved features before they go live 🛠

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    I agree that it would be helpful to put other useful information/custom fields 

    Also with labeling: Multiple labels would be helpful as well as with more colors and/or the label name shown on the deal cards (not jus the color) .