Enable a manually-triggered workflow on an "Active Until" timer ... or alternative.

New feature suggestion:

The title says it all. But here is some discussion on the topic,


Sometimes I create a workflow that is ONLY manually triggered by some action taken by yours truly. 

And generally, I only turn the work flow on for 30 minutes or all afternoon while I'm working on some special activity in pipedrive. When the special activity is concluded, I simply turn off the workflow so that I cannot trigger it anymore. 

HOWEVER. Normally, I forget to turn it off until AFTER I accidentally trigger it... generally sending at least one unintended email to the wrong cusstomer! oops!

Suggestion in light of the preceding:

In addition to manually disabling an active workflow, there should be other ways to disable a workflow. 

For example: An option to turn on an automated work flow for a limited time (eg 1 hour?) . . . at the end of the hour, not only would the workflow deactivate but it could also remind you that it's deactivated. Not strictly necessary.

There might be other better solutions to this particular "problem".  For example, If an automated workflow isn't manually triggered for more than 20 minutes, then it could pop up a warning the next time it is triggered that says, "Remember me? I'm still active and you just triggered me! <Cancel> <Disable> <yeah, I know, just get to work, will ya!>"

Whatever works!! :)

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